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It is Gina's birthday and her step-parents gave her the present she wanted. Gina opened the package and got really excited seeing a man's torso with the huge dick she wanted, it was so lifelike that she ran to her bedroom to start practicing, her parents had the idea to get her away from the bedroom so her step father would sneak in and replace the sex doll with himself, and trick Gina so she thinks, it was still the sex toy. Gina realized after a few minutes that something was different she turned around and saw , was hiding on the closet and came out saying surprise, they were so happy to help Gina to practice with a real dick, then Gina and her started sucking 's dick, then he fucked them both switching from Gina's pussy to 's pussy and from 's pussy to Gina's pussy they did it several times in different positions until delivered his hot load all over them.

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